Designer and Model DraKar Parker Keeps Things Muted

DraKar Parker’s favorite color may be gray, but he loves a statement piece to keep things interesting.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Occupation: Fashion designer, model, hair and makeup artist
Style: Muted and on-trend with a splash of color

How do you approach getting ready for the day?

I try to keep it easy breezy, and I love to have statement pieces. I have a pretty muted palette when it comes to my everyday wear: blacks, grays, white, tans. But it’s always nice to throw in a splash of color here or a garment with an unusual silhouette there; it makes things more interesting. There’s a sensitivity to certain silhouettes and pieces here in Ohio. You don’t want to be too much. I try to really inject a sense of my personal style that makes me love the look I have while still being able to not stick out like a sore thumb.

Is there a statement piece or color you love right now?

Sometimes it can be a more grungy shirt—a sweater that is shredded—or maybe I’ll wear an unusual material. My favorite color is gray. I’ve found ways to wear those more muted colors, but present them in a silhouette that isn’t so simple. For example, an asymmetrical long-line T-shirt that teeters on the line of being simple, but edgy.

What influences your fashion?

Many of the pieces I have designed usually reflect African or Native American culture because those two cultures are part of my life. Another influence is trends and projected trends: fashion runways, Valentino, and Prada, those big names we’ve all heard of. It often takes a lot of time for those trends—palettes and silhouettes—to trickle down to the consumer level. I try to keep up with them as much as I can.

Has style always been important to you?

I’ve definitely always wanted to be a part of the fashion and beauty industry. I love to make people feel good inside and out. I’ve found through makeup, hair, and styling, that I can really brighten up people’s moods and ways of behaving. There’s that old saying, If you look good, you feel good. I just love to see that blossom out of a client.

SEW GOOD This look is a DraKar Parker original, created for this photo shoot.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

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