Country Fresh Farm Market & Wine Depot Brings Fresh Produce to the East Side

This East Side grocery store and its wine selection are hidden gems.

Photograph by Carlie Burton

Imagine the selection of a robust farmers’ market with none of the hassle of being outdoors, and you’ve got Country Fresh Farm Market & Wine Depot. Specializing in fresh produce, local beer and wine, and organic foods at reasonable prices, the store’s Anderson Township location has been a staple for east siders for years.

After learning the original owner wanted to focus more on Hartwell’s Country Fresh location, two former employees—Jamie Griffiths and David Bernens—approached him about taking over operations at Beechmont Avenue.

Photograph by Carlie Burton

“We were two retired guys just working there as retiree jobs,” says Griffiths, a former Paycor employee (Bernen retired from Procter & Gamble). “I don’t think we would’ve done it if we didn’t know the store. We did it because we knew the people. We didn’t want it to end.”

The pair haven’t changed much about the selection since assuming ownership last summer. The store still carries all of the local and regional brands customers have come to love, including 80 Acres Farms, Snowville Creamery, Queen City Farmland, and Roothouse Aquaponics. And the deli section is full of fan favorites, like fresh salads and smoked chicken salad.

Photograph by Carlie Burton

“If you’ve never been in, you’ll notice there’s no frozen food section,” Griffiths says. “People come to us because we’ve got all the local and best produce. It’s a destination place for fresh foods.”

With their combined wine knowledge, Griffiths and Bernen have stepped up Country Fresh’s wine game. Griffiths now puts his wine influencer status to use at the store, suggesting wines for customers. Since late 2020, he’s been sharing videos about buying and drinking wine as well as useful wine hacks. “Trying to tie that in with the store has definitely helped wine sales,” he adds. Friday night wine tastings regularly attract more than 100 attendees.

Photograph by Carlie Burton

Griffiths attributes the store’s continued success to the six managers who give input on what works best on the shelves. The two were able to keep all of the managers when they took over, ensuring a smoother transition.

“We’re running it like there are six other owners of the store,” Griffiths adds. “We’re relying on them to tell us what we need to do. That’s the key.”

Country Fresh Farm Market & Wine Depot, 8315 Beechmont Ave. #15, Anderson Twp., (513) 474-9167

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