Coda Co. Creates Rustic Furniture and Home Decor Using Recyclable Materials

Husband-and-wife team Kelti and Tanner Ziese upcycle bourbon barrels, coffee bags, organic cotton rope, and more.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Coda Co.’s story starts with a coffee table. About six years ago, during Tanner Ziese and Kelti MacDonald’s courting days, the couple decided to shake things up for date night. Instead of watching a movie or taking a walk in the park, they built a coffee table in his parents’ basement, sourcing inspiration from Pinterest. Proud of the finished product, they experimented with more projects, and soon their friends and their friends’ friends started requesting custom pieces. After their word-of-mouth and local craft market sales skyrocketed, the duo, who married in 2015, opened a Bellevue storefront in August 2017.

Coda in music terms means to refresh or repeat,” Tanner says. “We refresh old products and make them new again.” He makes tables, coat racks, serving trays, wine stands, bottle openers, and candleholders from reclaimed bourbon and wine barrel pieces that he and Kelti find at a Louisville cooperage. She scours local coffee shops for old burlap coffee bags to turn into pillows, ottomans, dog beds, and coffee cup sleeves. She also crafts plant hangers and macramé wall hangings out of organic cotton rope and uses the scraps to make key chains and miniature macramé.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

“We really like the idea of not leaving a huge footprint and trying to reuse as many materials as we can,” Kelti says. “There are other uses for things instead of just throwing stuff out.” Like the old windowpane they transformed into a coffee table six years ago, which still decorates their home today.

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