Chick’nCone Delivers Portable Poultry

Chicken and waffles go for a walk at the Hamilton location of this popular franchise.

Given the popularity of chicken and waffles and waffle cones, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to serve chicken in a waffle cone. Turns out, that “someone” was Chick’nCone, a popular franchise that recently opened its first Ohio location in Hamilton.

Photograph by Andrew Doench / Hand modeling by Amanda Miller-Doench

Of course, a clever concept will only take you so far. Thankfully, Chick’nCone also nails the execution. For one thing, the cones are made onsite with a waffle iron (now I want all my waffle cones hot off the iron). The chicken nuggets are air fried, so they’re soft and light, which is crucial, as too much grease would soak through the cone. It’s about the softest chicken I’ve ever had, fitting for something packed in an ice cream cone.

Like a good ice cream shop, Chick’nCone offers several sauces/toppings. Looking to satisfy my sweet tooth, I went with cinnamon-maple. The chicken was coated with cin­namon and glazed with a maple drizzle, which made it taste like a meaty monkey bread. I rounded out the meal with Caj’nCorn—a sweet and spicy side that helped slow the sugar rush—and a side of creamy mac and cheese.

Part of a new mixed-use development, Chick’nCone sits along the Great Miami River between the resurgent bustle of downtown Hamilton and the quiet green space of Marcum Park. It’s the perfect spot for a summer stroll, dinner in hand.

Chick’nCone, 134 Riverfront Plaza, Hamilton, (513) 889-3075

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