Blue Oven Bakery Gets in the Doughnut Business


Editor’s note: Blue Oven Bakery’s major production site burned down in late August. Donate to the bakery’s recovery fund here, and continue enjoying select Blue Oven baked goods at its Findlay Market stall while the staff works to get back on their feet.

Clockwise from top: Strawberry, the classic glaze, featuring a smattering of strawberry jam; Sesame Walnut Crunch, sweet with a touch of savory; Citrus, light and lemony—the ideal morning pick-me-up; Classic Glaze, perfect for the doughnut traditionalist; Chocolate Glaze, a decadent spin on a bakery classic.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Mark Frommeyer is a self-professed “doughnut monster”—a bit of a surprise, perhaps, coming from an artisan who meticulously sources local ingredients for his Blue Oven Bakery goods. But for all his love of the confections, Frommeyer isn’t a huge fan of that icky, greasy feeling that follows (you know the one). “After eating two to three fried doughnuts, all I could taste was sugar and oil,” he says. So he resolved to create something that was going to make rich dough the star of the show—a feat he accomplished by baking his version. The result? Thick, chewy treats elevated by natural flavors. They’re exclusively available at Findlay Market in five core flavors, in ad­dition to a rotating specialty flavor.

Blue Oven Bakery, 125 W. Elder St., Over-the-Rhine

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