Artist Julia Lipovsky Masters the Creative-Casual Look


Occupation: Freelance artist, barista
Style: Creative casual

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Describe your style.
I have a lot of staples—mostly black everything, but I have a more feminine or masculine take on those staples depending on the day. As an artist I feel it’s important to both represent myself through clothing while also being able to pick up a paintbrush at any given moment and get to work.

How else does being an artist influence your style?
So many of the pieces I wear are informed by practicality: What will I be doing today? Am I working with clay? Am I painting? Will I be on my feet? At the same time, working at Visionaries + Voices for four years, I like to have some element of personality always expressed through art. Whether it’s something I made myself or something a friend made, I aim to always be wearing something that grounds me in both my values and personal narrative.

Why is supporting other artists important?
I love to wear things that feel in alignment with my values, and a lot of these values center around where I invest my money. Through wearing things that my friends or fellow artists make, I’m constantly reminded of the relationships that are important to me and feel grounded in my spending decisions knowing they’re informed by these friendships.

Tell me about Cladies, your collection of female clay jewelry faces.
Honestly, I had no real clay experience prior to working as a studio coordinator for V+V. I started exploring the medium in order to better support the artists in the studio. I’ve always loved drawing people, especially women, so the formation of Cladies felt pretty natural as a way to extend my drawing practice into another medium. The majority of my Cladies were created at V+V, actually. I have them to thank for this sense of agency creating has given me.

How has your style changed over time?
When I was younger, I was constantly trying to put on a sort of costume. I loved mixing patterns and pushing the envelope. Now, while I still love pattern-mixing to an extent, I feel like my style is more curated and intentional. I just feel a lot more confident in my personal vibe now. I still like to push the envelope, but in a much more subtle way. I’ll wear all black but still mix things up with a pair of funky sunglasses or bold necklace. There’s a sense of balance that wasn’t there before.

Where else do you pull fashion inspiration?
Well, I’m the youngest of seven siblings, four of whom are older sisters. I’ve always had hand-me-downs. I think that gave me a sense of appreciation of used and loved things. Also Rashida Jones and Busy Philipps!

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