A to Z Daycare: Building Blocks

From part-time programs to enrichment, today’s parents can create an entirely new type of day care experience.

The last few years have radically changed the way most of us approach our jobs, with many of us still working remotely—at least part of the time. Day care, too, has changed, with many families looking for ways to patch together a mix of at-home childcare, special enrichment programs, and half-time preschool options. If you’re one of the many local parents looking to fill your child’s schedule with a mix of traditional and nontraditional programs, you’ll be pleased to discover these options in Cincinnati.

Illustration by Paige Stampatori

Part-Day PreK 

There are a number of local preschools that offer half-day programs for kids as young as 2. Think of these options as true “part-time” preschool in that they offer the kind of set schedules and play-based approaches to learning as their full-time brethren. Look for these programs at local preschools that offer full-day instruction. (See our listings on page TK to get started.)


Gone are the days where the three Rs were drilled into children’s consciousness; today, it’s all about STEAM! This holistic approach to learning includes science classes, the arts (music, fine art, dance, and more), and even special exercises to strengthen emotional intelligence and self-awareness (think kid yoga and meditation). Many local preschools offer STEAM classes as an add-on, too, often as “à la carte” classes available for kids not enrolled in full- or half-day programs.

Help at Home

If your house truly is your “home base,” consider hiring a part-time nanny. This is mostly an option for those with a dedicated home office, but it can be a brilliant way to maintain your kiddo’s schedule—especially for those still napping. In addition, an at-home helper can also assist with school pick-up and drop-off, which is a game changer for parents juggling Zoom meetings and conference calls.

Childcare Matchmaker: CincyNanny

For more than 10 years, CincyNanny has matched countless nannies and families, advocating for the role of the nanny by encouraging professionalism and listening to clients’ needs. Think of this as an online matchmaking service, but with childcare.

All-Around Nanny All-Star: Pink Nannies

Whether you’re looking for a private tutor to help with school a few days a week or a full-time nanny who will travel with your family, Pink Nannies has you covered. In addition, this service encourages staff to take kids on educational field trips around the city, from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to the Newport Aquarium.

Drop-In Care Provider: Skidaddles

For those with irregular schedules looking for a reliable and reputable choice, Skidaddles offers premium childcare with flexible options. From drop-in, hourly daycare perfect for errands and date nights to full-time learning and play, Skidaddles is a game-changer for Cincy families.

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