A (Tea) Room of One’s Own


Somewhere in your bleak, mid-winter musings, you’ve had the fantasy: you want your own restaurant. Not a fancy-schmacy city place, but a Mayberry RFD-ish small town spot with checkered tablecloths and mismatched china. A place where you can serve your grandmother’s recipe for fried chicken and dish up sundaes for adoring children.

Well, it looks like your Aunt-Bee-Meets-Martha-Stewart idyll is as close as Waynesville. The Corwin Peddler—a three-seasons ice cream parlor, teashop, restaurant, and bike rental combo—is on the market.

Why the bicycle rental? The Corwin Peddler—beloved of wheelmen all over Ohio—sits right on the Little Miami bike trail. Hence the sideline business.

Why the teashop? The Copple family—owners since since 2006–are British, and so afternoon tea is always on offer . But they’re also aware of what fresh air and exercise can do to an appetite, which is why your future customers might also expect to see Ploughman’s Lunch and sticky toffee pud on the menu.

Why am I telling you this? Because the prospect of yet another bike trip from Loveland to Xenia with nothing to eat but Powerbars and Gatorade takes all the fun out of dreaming about spring. Give a gal a break.

Check it out: http://corwinpeddleropportunity.com

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