10 Local Creamy Whips To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth This Summer


Cool off this summer with these ice cream parlors and creamy whips.


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Dairy Corner
At the corner of the quaint Church Street with restaurants, taverns, and parks nearby, Dairy Corner is perfectly positioned to cap off a fun day. The establishment stands unobtrusively in its stead, but a quick glance at the iconically designed stand and you’ll know they have the goodies.
3501 Church St., Newtown, (513) 555-1234

Silver Grove Dari Bar
A classic seasonal creamy whip complete with food, drinks, and the no-brainer: ice cream. Stop by for a quick bite (hoagies, burgers, and chili cheese dogs are a few staples) and dessert, and indubitably leave satisfied.
5178 Mary Ingles Hwy., Silver Grove, (859) 781-2221

Loveland Dairy Whip
This Loveland classic has been serving soft serve cones and cups galore since 1955, so you better believe they know what they’re doing. Swing by on a warm day and enjoy your treat at its benches and picnic tables, or give the drive thru a try for dessert on-the-go.
611 W. Loveland Avenue, Loveland, (513) 683-0992

Piper’s Ice Cream Bar
Ice cream is beloved by all (or at least most), but for those with lactose intolerance, the joy of the summer treat is slightly compromised. Piper’s menu teeming with 88 flavor options, all of which are lactose free, opens the floodgates for ice cream lovers who scarcely indulge.
520 W. Sixth St., Covington, (859) 291-7287

The Cone
With an ice-cream cone shaped building serving as The Cone’s headquarters, the spot feels like a picture-perfect summer hangout. And with a menu this extensive, maybe it should be. Over a hundred options to choose from should be plenty of variety to keep you busy through the warm season.
6855 Tylersville Road, West Chester, (513) 779-7040

Zip Dip
If driving by this creamy whip’s memorable structure with an ice cream cone neon sign stylized by a signature lightning bolt perched on the roof doesn’t make you want ice cream, I don’t know what will. Another setting destined for summer-magic with its retro feel, the business has been dishing out ice cream since the 1950s.
4050 Drew Avenue, Bridgetown, (513) 574-6252

Putz’s Creamy Whip
This family-owned ice cream shop has been around. Passed down through the generations of the Putz family since 1938, family isn’t the only consistency at Putz Creamy Whip. The business has been serving soft-serve out of its staunch Electro-Freeze machine since 1954.
2673 Putz Place, Northside, (513) 681-8668

The Parlor
Classic creamy whip menu items along with edible cookie dough and freshly roasted espresso set this dessert joint apart. The Old Milford storefront is a superb spot to enjoy a creamy treat and stroll around town on a sunny afternoon.
119 Main St., Milford, (513) 123-4567

Sprinkles Creamy Whip
This West side creamy whip has no shortage of selection. Tempting malts and shakes, indulgent sundaes, over 20 soft-serve flavors for cups and cones, slushies, and floats are some of the sweet treats available at Sprinkles, making for what should be an all-inclusive family outing.
500 N. Miami Avenue, Cleves, (513) 546-1731

Mt. Washington Creamy Whip & Bakery
Whether your craving screams for cold and creamy or baked and bready, Mt. Washington Creamy Whip & Bakery has you covered. Stamped with the motifs of an old-timey family hub–vintage equipment, an inviting white storefront with a green eave–neither deliciousness or quality service are traded off here.
2069 Beechmont Avenue, Mt. Washington, (513) 231-5295

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