New River Walks in Northern Kentucky

Covington’s new riverfront plaza and paths keep momentum going in Northern Kentucky’s pursuit of a unified Ohio River trail.

With the opening of Covington Plaza in June, progress moves ahead on Northern Kentucky’s Riverfront Commons, a planned 11.5-mile walking, running, and biking trail that will eventually connect Ludlow to Ft. Thomas’s riverfront through Covington, Newport, Bellevue, and Dayton. Paths now wind around an amphitheater and massive compass at the foot of Madison Avenue, reaching up and down river under the Roebling Suspension Bridge with stunning views of Paul Brown Stadium and the Cincinnati skyline.


New development projects hope to finish out the full path length, including on the footprint of Covington’s former IRS processing facility, Newport’s Ovation project inside the newly refurbished Newport floodwall, and the Manhattan Harbor housing project in Dayton. Many sections are already in place, including lengths along the top of the Newport floodwall, which is an easy stroll east from Covington Plaza via Riverside Drive, then cutting up Garrard or following the Licking River to the Fourth Street bridge, where a catwalk connects to the floodwall above Newport’s Riverboat Row. Continue east, and new pedestrian spans link up with Newport on the Levee and both the Taylor-Southgate Bridge and the Purple People Bridge.

Keep heading east, and you’ll be diverted through Bellevue’s business district until reaching the splendid paved path on Dayton’s floodwall. The Ft. Thomas section is expected to eventually reach I-275, with connections up to Tower Park.

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