Top 5 Parks for Promenading


It’s a great time in Cincinnati to enjoy the walking and hiking trails that many local parks offer. Here are a few that might draw you out of your winter cocoon:

1. Sharon Woods
Located north off I-275, Sharon Woods offers a 2.6-mile multipurpose trail perfect for walkers, runners, and riders of all ages.  One part of the paved trail loops around Sharon Lake, while the other takes you to Buckeye Falls, perfect for some wading and all-around cooling off. The two are connected by a rugged trail that leads you along Rocky Creek while in the shade of the forest. Sharon Woods, 11450 Lebanon Rd., Sharonville,

2. Winton Woods
The trails at Winton Woods offer a great combination of lake, wetland, and woods to hike or jog through. They total a distance of about three miles and are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs as well as bikes and joggers. The paved trail takes you along the shores of Winton Lake. Those looking for a little more nature in their walk can take the Kingfisher Trail. Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Rd., Cincinnati,

3. Ault Park
It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located only 10 minutes from downtown, the 224-acre Ault Park offers nearly three miles of hiking trails for beginners and experts alike. The dirt trails wind through the woods, surrounding you with shade from the towering oaks and maples. Along the way you will cross multiple footbridges, giving you a chance to rest and enjoy the fresh spring scenery. Ault Park, off of Delta Ave. past Hyde Park Square,

4. Mt. Airy Forest
With 12 trails in all, the verdant Mt. Airy Forest offers a day’s worth of hiking for anyone trying to get away. Located just north of the I-75/I-74 split, it has trails accessible to wheelchairs, bikers, and hikers. The trails wind back and forth, working in the shadow of the forest and along the banks of creeks that twist around the trees. With more than 10 miles of trails, one can easily lose a whole day traversing the paved and earthen paths. Mt. Airy Forest, off of Colerain Ave.,

5. Lunken Airport and Otto Armleder Park
Located right off U.S. 50, Lunken Airport offers a five mile paved loop that circles the airfield and passes through the surrounding woods. As of last fall, a connecting one-mile trail intersects this and runs over to Otto Armleder Memorial Park. Here another two miles of paved trail wind along the Little Miami River and through open fields of grass. Between the scenic views from above the airport to the winding trails along the river, these connecting trails make for a relaxing walk on the east side. Otto Armleder Park, 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati,

Note: some parks may require a fee to enter. Prices range from $3 for the day to $10 for yearly entry.

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