Top 5 Farms to Pick Up A Local Turkey


With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, it’s time to talk turkey. Check out these five options for buying a local bird.

1. Finn Meadows Farm
Claire and Marc Luff farm 50 suburban acres north of downtown Montgomery, where they raise chemical-free vegetables and free range livestock, including turkeys. $4.50/lb,

2. Greenacres
In addition to sustainably raised produce, eggs, lamb and beef, this Indian Hill farm raises seasonal holiday turkeys. Call or email to reserve and you can pick it at their farm store on Wednesday, November 22. $4.00/lb,

3. Stehlin’s Meat Market
Stehlin’s has been processing beef cattle since 1913 and their hickory smoked cottage hams are local legend, but they also offer fresh locally raised holiday turkeys, which come to them from Huismann’s Eggs and Poultry in Harrison. $3.29/lb,

4. Tewes Farm
Fresh, free-range turkeys are available year-round at Tewes Farm in Erlanger. $3.25/lb, through Nov 20,

5. Gorman Heritage Farm
These turkeys munch on fresh grass, nuts, seeds, and berries and are a popular local choice for holiday birds (they sell out every year). $4.50/lb,

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