Style Counsel: Pam Kravetz, Artist


Name: Pam Kravetz

Occupation: Artist and teacher

Style: Uptown funk

Photograph by Annette Navarro

Tulle, wigs, and hats are all trademarks for Pam Kravetz, artist. What does everyday Pam like to wear? I wear a lot of Lululemon tutus with leggings. They’re really like running skirts, but I don’t run. They made them for like, five minutes. I have three different ones. That’s my everyday tutu. I look at my clothes as costumes when I go out. It’s very performance-based.

Tutus seem very Betsey Johnson. Yes! She would totally be an inspiration for me. I love her, love the playfulness.

What else is in heavy rotation? Doc Martens almost exclusively, although I’m loving my new [Kenzo] gym shoes. Some stuff I have is super cool and designer-ish but I get it on crazy, crazy sale. Then it feels like a prize. Also fake furs. I like volume and there’s a presence to them. Donna Salyers [of Fabulous-Furs] made my purple one. I work with designer Jen Sult at Cut and Sewn. I bought a gown for my stepdaughter’s wedding that looks like a Matisse painting, but there were nudes, like really nudes, on it. So Jen took the dress and made like a tutu dress for me out of it. I have a hat designer I work with, Theresa Kramer, and a wig designer, Stacey Vest. I trust their vision and craftsmanship and creativity and I don’t micromanage.

Have you ever felt pressure to tone down your style? When I was little, I never blended in. That started in kindergarten. I got sent to the principal’s office for wearing go-go boots and a mini skirt. I need to be myself. As much as I want to be like everybody else, it doesn’t suit me.

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