Style Counsel: Jill Franco


Occupation: Teacher, Sands Montessori School

Her Style: Extra credit for snazzy shoes

Photograph by Annette Navarro

Photograph by Annette Navarro

How do you combine comfort and style? I don’t wear a lot of skirts or dresses, just because I’m down on the floor with the kids during lessons. That’s not to say I don’t, but I wear more pants to work and not any huge heels.

But you do wear heels? I’ve never really been a flats girl, although I have some on right now. I’ve always liked wedges, boots, and booties. I feel just a little more put together. All the girls always compliment me on my shoes.

What are some of your go-to resources? I’ve been checking out what’s at Nordstrom Rack. I found a pair of heels that were originally $250 and I got them for $30. My friend Maggie knows I love shoes and she was shopping there and called me saying, “I tried on these shoes and they didn’t fit, but reminded me of you. I hid them in the shoe section.” So I went and tried them on and sure enough I had to buy them. We get shipments from Zappos all the time. My husband has a heart attack every time he sees the boxes. With four kids, I don’t have time to shop, so I do a lot of stuff online. The key is to get free shipping and returns. O’Neill has the cutest summer dresses and tank tops and I’ve ordered enough from them that I know what size I am. I’ll order things through Nordstrom because they have free shipping back and you can return it in the store if need be. Banana Republic and J. Crew have free shipping deals every so often.

Do you ever get any inspiration from your students? At Sands, I think the kids can dress and be truly who they are, individually, more than at some schools. I don’t see one trend among the girls. Sands really promotes individuality and not having to dress the trend.

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