Style Counsel: Jen Seiser

Occupation: Senior Design Manager, P&G’s new business group; blogger,; Her Style: Globe trekker

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You travel extensively for work and pleasure and are just as likely to be found sand boarding in Great Sands Dunes National Park or car camping in Iceland. Pack your bag for us.
I love backpacking. I try to limit myself to one bag, but want to be able to go from backcountry to wine country. I bring a lot of base layers and a few scarves and hats because they’re easily changeable. I wear my hiking shoes on the plane and pack an extra pair of shoes. I love my Merrell water shoes because they’re so versatile. Lululemon stretch pants are great because I can hike in them, but also dress them up.

Your necklaces are so striking. Do you always leave space for souvenirs?
One is from Russia and one is from South Africa. I always say I’m not going to buy anything, but I’m drawn to local crafts and handmade jewelry. Luckily they’re small, and fit easily.

Your blog, The Journey Notes, is full of beautiful photographs from your travels.
I have a Canon Rebel digital SLR and often bring a wide-angle lens. But I use my iPhone a lot because it’s light. I love capturing my experiences without removing myself from the experience.

Your job involves meeting a lot of global consumers, often in their own homes. It sounds rather ambassadorial. What’s your approach?
I want to engage people in conversations about things they need, or don’t know that they need, or things that could be better for their lives. I try to keep things low key. It’s easier to start a dialogue if they see you as approachable.

Originally published in the January 2015 issue


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