#Scouted: Industrial-Chic Hanging Bulbs


Maybe you were inspired by Sia’s Grammy performance set, or maybe you’re just really into wedding tablescapes, but you somehow you knew that lightbulb chandeliers are one of the biggest décor trends of 2015. Stellar design instincts aside, you also know that these do-it-yourself projects can be tedious, no matter how good they look on Pinterest.

Recycled lightbulb vases, $22-$35, Park + Vine
Recycled lightbulb vases, $22-$35, Park + Vine

Luckily, the thoughtful folks at Nine Lives have done some of the hard work for you. I came across these recycled planter bulbs at Park + Vine, and while they don’t light up, they add a welcome bit of industrial chic to any space. Now that’s a cool spark of an idea.

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