Get Your Lederhosen On at Weisnkoenig


The Germania Society’s Oktoberfest starts today, and should you be in the mood to go all out on the dirndl and lederhosen, you’re in luck: Weisnkonig’s US flagship store just happened to launch their Fall collection last weekend, and they just happen to sell a pretty extensive selection of traditional German apparel.


The small shop tucked inside Christian Moerlein Brewery (not the Lager House, mind you) carries Weisnkonig branded clothing and accessories for men and women. Keep in mind that this is not wacky costumery—these are high quality goods, so expect high quality goods prices. I spotted traditional lederhosen ($279-$389), checkered blouses ($69-$139), and a pair of surprisingly stylish leather sneaker-boots for a reasonable $129.

Cincinnati’s deep German roots (and affinity for beer) make Oktoberfest the perfect time to break out your fanciest stein, head to the biergarten, and indulge in über fun times.

1621 Moore Street, Over-the-Rhine,

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