Fall Style Guide: Jeans


We sat down with denim savant Chris Sutton, founder of Noble Denim, for insight on all things jeans: fit, cut, and how to get that well-worn, lived-in look.

Material: “What makes premium jeans premium is selvedge denim. Like vintage denim, it’s made on old shuttle looms and has a finished edge on the side.”

Fit: Snug is best—at first. “A common issue people have with jeans is buying them to fit the way they want on day one. Get them tight, even borderline uncomfortable. The first two weeks will be terrible, but after that, they’ll be good forever. “

Care: Easy on the washing. “If you wear jeans a long time without washing, they’ll get cool, high-contrast fades. I tell people to wash their jeans every three to six months. Always use cold water, light detergent, and hang dry.”

Truman regular, $250, nobledenim.com


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