These Two Local Teens Have a Halloween Side Hustle

Lizzie Schreibeis and Evan Schnebelt love their gigs on the tri-state haunted house scene.

Haunt actors bring scary scenes and creatures to life, creating terrifying experiences for the average haunted house visitor. Sometimes, the surprise is spookier when the zombie or vampire in front of you turns out to be a child.

Illustration by Diego Patiño

Lizzie Schreibeis, 15, has haunted show business in her blood. Her dad is involved in set design and acting on the USS Nightmare in Newport, and she’s been in the show since she was 4 years old. She’s played an insane asylum patient, a killer clown, and the doll of Anna, the young daughter of William S. Mitchell, captain of the Nightmare. Schreibeis says she loves the creative freedom that comes with the show. “You’re able to bring your character to life in your own way,” she adds.

Evan Schnebelt agrees. The 15-year-old is in his sixth year at West Harrison’s Horror Hike, where he plays an ’80s sleepaway camper luring people into the woods. He loves working outside, watching people have fun in something he built with other haunt actors, and going to haunted houses whenever he can. Schnebelt hopes to act in a movie set in a haunted house one day. “I’ll probably never stop haunt acting,” he says.

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