The Simple Joy of Brandon Phillips

A short post with a simple premise: How cool is it to have Brandon Phillips playing for your favorite team? The guy is a veritable embodiment of the joy of baseball.

Just look at the past three games.

On Saturday, when the Reds were featured on Fox’s national game of the week, the producers were smart enough to put a microphone on Phillips. He bragged about how good he smells to David Wright. Then while running off the field, he was yelling something about Texas Pete Hot Sauce. On Sunday, he made that impossible between-the-legs flip to Zack Cozart to start a double play. He followed that up yesterday with a dazzling bare-handed grab on a high chopper, which he fired on to Joey Votto for the out.

I’m usually not big on the hyperbole of TV announcers, but Thom Brennaman is right: Phillips does something great every single day, whether it’s making a spectacular defensive play or simply making your day brighter with that infectious grin.

Sure, this is all one big cliché. And no, Phillips isn’t perfect. (It would be great if he could go a whole season without starting a brawl with the Cardinals.) But he is a constant reminder that baseball, like life, is supposed to be fun. And that’s a great thing for the league, for the Reds, and most of all, for our city.

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