Three Final Resting Places for Your Pet


Illustration by Zachary Ghaderi

Saying goodbye is the hardest part. When it’s time to send your faithful companion across the rainbow bridge, these three local organizations can help you get through it.

Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center

As pet owners tackle difficult decisions at the end of a pet’s life, Faithful Friends provides comfort, care, and guidance. Their pre-planning, grief counseling, and final arrangements help make saying goodbye just a little bit easier.
4796 Limaburg Rd., Hebron, (859) 282-6527,

Highland Pet Cemetery

Historic Highland Cemetery established a separate area on its property in 1995 for people to pay respects to their departed pets. Highland offers full funeral services to help honor those relationships and ease pet owners through the grieving process.
2167 Dixie Hwy., Ft. Mitchell, (859) 331-3220,

The Pines Pet Cemetery and Cremation Center

The end-of-life services provided here include cremations, private burials, and country burials to properly say goodbye. Their pet memorabilia services allow you to keep hair clippings and clay or ink paw prints and nose prints.
764 Riley Wills Rd., Lebanon, (513) 932-2270,

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