Angel’s Paws Makes Saying Goodbye to Your Pet a Little Easier

It’s never easy to lose a cherished friend, but Angel’s Paws can help, through their groundbreaking pet hospice program.

Losing your dog or cat isn’t something you want to think about, let alone prepare for. When the day comes, or when your aging pet becomes sick, you can get real hospice care and say goodbye in the comfort of your own home.

Illustration by Ben Kirchner

Angel’s Paws provides compassionate end-of-life services for pets and their owners, including hospice, home euthanasia, private cremation, counseling, and support groups. While some veterinarians offer home euthanasia and refer to the service as hospice, Angel’s Paws provides true hospice for pets, access to care 24/7 in the home with an interdisciplinary approach through their Pet Parent Peace of Mind Program. “Pet hospice is a pioneering field,” says Tammy Wynn, founder of Angel’s Paws. “We’ve been at it for 10 years, working as a mirror image of human hospice.”

Joanne and David Moore signed up for Pet Parent Peace of Mind last year for their two greyhounds, Stella and Dylan, when Dylan started having medical problems. Twice, an Angel’s Paws vet tech showed up in the middle of the night to help manage Dylan’s pain, and stayed for more than two hours. “It meant a lot to be able to have someone come to our house, especially because Dylan had anxiety issues, so we could give him the care he needed without leaving home,” Joanne says. “When they came, they were as concerned about us as they were about our pet. That made such a difference.”

Angel’s Paws currently has partnerships with 89 brick-and-mortar veterinary practices in the region, and continues to grow. “There is no other city that has such a blanket of true health hospice available to pet owners,” Wynn says. “When a family is living with a special needs pet, it can be unsettling to go to bed not knowing if the pet will have an urgent need resulting in a chaotic run to the emergency room. Not the way most pet parents envision the last few moments in this life with their pet.”

Angel’s Paws, 11341 Grooms Rd., Blue Ash, (513) 489-7297

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