These Cooking Classes Turn Kids into Masterchefs for a Night

Get your kids a-cooking everything from sushi to shepherd’s pie at these classes.

Photograph courtesy Aaron M. Conway

Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio
You get a break while your young one gets to it in the kitchen with chef Jaime Carmody. Courses run 2.5 hours and themes vary seasonally. Tasting sample: A late-December “Kids Culinary Bootcamp: Classic Comfort Winter Break” recreates kid-friendly versions of dishes like shepherd’s pie, chicken parm (fingers version), and meatloaf (as cupcakes).

Sake Bomb
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m., Sake Bomb offers free (free!) sushi classes for anyone younger than 18. This needs no further explanation as to why it’s some of our favorite recent news. Let us see that sushi roll . . .

Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies
The shop (originally The Party Cake Shop) has been in biz since 1965, and over the decades has only grown. In addition to selling all things confectionary, they host a whole spectrum of classes, with many designed specifically for kids that cover cake decorating, candy making, pizza/pretzels, and more.

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