Local Parents Share Their Least Proud Moments


Let’s admit, we’ve all had our less-than-gracious parenting moments. We’re human, it happens to the best of us, and while it may feel like we’re the only parent in history to ever get something wrong, that’s just not true. Below, local parents share the moments they weren’t really on their game.

  • “My 3-year-old daughter had her first basketball game last Saturday. We totally forgot about it. My husband is the assistant coach.”
  • “My son wouldn’t stop eating baby carrots and barely touched his pizza. I had to tell him, ‘Finish your pizza or no more carrots!'”
  • “I dressed my 3-year-old in backwards khaki pants. He wore them that way all day at preschool.”
  • “I decided not to buckle my daughter (18 months old) into the stroller because we weren’t going very far. Two steps in and the stroller stops. I push again thinking it was a bump in the sidewalk. Nope, won’t move. I came around to find her lying on the ground! She was totally fine, no scratches or bruises, but I felt so bad I carried her the rest of the way.”
  • “I forgot about superhero/princess day at my kid’s preschool, so she didn’t have a costume.”
  • “I forgot my kids’ bathing suits so I let them swim in their undies. Then I didn’t want their car seats to get wet so they rode home naked in their car seats!”
  • “My 7- and 4-year-olds were playing Memory and each time they turned over a card that wasn’t a match they would mutter, “Damn it.” This went on for several minutes before I even realized that they were cursing.”
  • “My 3-year-old thought he was an artist and took a black Sharpie to his entire face before preschool. I panicked and took high acetone nail polish remover to his face. It did the job, but his face looked like he had severe burns all over. I didn’t know what to tell his teachers!”
  • “When we went to buy pumpkins at a church near our house recently, I learned that they only took cash. I didn’t have any. My 8-year-old son happened to have his wallet, so I made him buy our pumpkins with his own money. I’ll pay him back—eventually.”
  • “My kids had been sniping at each other non-stop one morning. I used dry shampoo to spray a streak of white in my hair and asked them to give it a rest because they were turning my hair white. (It worked!)”
  • “My 11-month-old just pooped in the shower, picked it up, put it in her mouth, and I didn’t even notice that she pooped until she was gagging.”
  • “I had my 2-year-olds in their wagon, not buckled in because they screamed. I was pulling it and didn’t feel them stand up. I started walking and out they fell onto the concrete. I haven’t used the wagon since! So embarrassing—an older gentleman ran over to help pick them up and I’m pretty sure he thought I was an awful momma.”
  • “One morning I was so exhausted I put cat food in my daughter’s cereal bowl and cereal in the cat’s bowl.”
  • “I turned around recently and my daughter was double-fisting cans of Miller Lite.”

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