Letter from the Editor: Savor the Moment


Ever since I moved to Cincinnati with my now 8-year-old son Liam, we’ve beenon a quest to uncover every fun-filled kid adventure, from the tried-and-true—the beloved Cincinnati Zoo—to the hidden gems, like the Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens. Life these days is much more hectic than when he was a toddler (the schedule is full of school activities and soccer games), but we still find time to discover creative, imaginative, and enriching experiences, both close to home and around the region.

We’re so fortunate to have endless ways to keep the kids entertained—and ourselves sane—in our city. For our cover feature, we talked to six local parents in different neighborhoods about their favorite kid-friendly hangouts— and also about how they are navigating life with little ones. Some spots aren’t a surprise (Summit Park), but others are a little more unexpected (Liam and I are not the only ones who love Highfield Discovery Garden).

One of the moms we feature, Emma Fletcher, is a foster parent. There is such a need for foster parents right now, and Emma and her husband felt called to provide the love and support their young girls needed. For those who might be considering foster care or adoption, writer Sarah Stankorb spoke to experts and adoptive parents about options to consider, tips to help navigate the often-long process, and ways to help a new child transition into your home. Adoption is not always an easy road, but it can be well worth it.

Parenting, of course, comes with challenges, and we address those too, from preventing picky eating to monitoring screen time, with well-researched advice from local experts. As always, we also feature real parents, cool products, and kid trends.

When you’re feeling sleep-deprived and less than stellar (we all do sometimes), you’ll appreciate the #MomoftheYear moments we compiled. They’re funny, yes. But they’re also honest and revealing in an age when being the best parent can feel like a competition. It’s a reminder we all need, that no parent is perfect. We do the best we can, taking each challenge as it comes and showing our kids loads of love every step of the way. That’s what this journey is all about.

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