Our Favorite Parks For Family Picnics

Because everyone knows that taking kids to restaurants is the worst.

Glenwood Gardens, The Highfield Discovery Garden
There are 7 different gardens within the Highfield Discovery Garden. Each shows off something new, from a frog bog to vegetable and herb gardens to manicured flower beds. There is a patio seating area that is a perfect picnic spot for the family in between garden visits. Oh, and that killer tree house. greatparks.org/parks/glenwood-gardens/the-highfield-discovery-garden

Treehouse at Highfield Discovery Garden

Photo Courtesy of Great Parks

Ault Park
A classic spot for any Cincinnatian. There’s a huge pavilion, but we’ll take the expansive lawn any day. Just watch out for Frisbees.  cincinnatiparks.com/parks-venues/east/ault-park/

Bellevue Park
If you want to look over Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine while having your picnic, there is no better park than this one. There is a picnic area and a shelter, as well as a playground for the kiddos. cincinnatiparks.com/central/bellevue-park/

Stanberry Park
If you’re looking for a place to hike and picnic all at once, this is your park—all 125 acres of it. cincinnatiparks.com/parks-venues/east/stanbery-park/

Otto Armleder Park
This park consists of 238 acres of walkable space. I hope you brought a lot of food. And your bike. And probably a kite. cincinnatiparks.com/river-parks/otto-armleder-park/

Mt. Echo Park
This park is truly beautiful with views of the city, Old World-style architecture, and intricate landscaping. There are also hiking trails, plus playground and picnic areas. cincinnatiparks.com/west/mt-echo-park/

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