On The Market: A Leveled-Up 1955 Kenwood Ranch


7671 Hosbrook Rd., Kenwood, $724,786

Kenwood, like nearby Madeira and Montgomery, has seen its fair share of tear-downs. Such progress has both plusses and minuses, but the thing we worry about is the waste when builders throw away the components of the older (but otherwise viable) structures.

Photograph courtesy Susan Rissover

Photograph courtesy Susan Rissover

Photograph courtesy Susan Rissover

That’s why we’re big fans when builders do what this one did, in Kenwood: use the original home’s footprint and exterior walls as a base and go up and out from there. The result here is a 1955 former ranch that’s now an uber-modern two-story set in an established Cincinnati suburb.

After staging, the home’s sleek new layout reads well; we’re especially fond of the master bedroom closet, a $30,000 system with more than ample storage. But the coolest thing about this place is mostly hidden behind walls. We’re talking Smart Home technology that will allow the new owners to control everything from the lighting to the doorbell, door locks, intercom and even window shades with a smart device. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… and in the meantime be a little more eco-friendly?



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