Holiday Baking Ingredients – Going Local

Holiday Baking Ingredients – Going Local

My oldest daughter makes a great peppermint bark candy every December and gives it away for gifts. Last year, in an effort to find candy canes made locally, we purchased some from Aglamesis Brothers. They were perfect.

This year, running short on time, I stopped in the local Kroger and resigned myself to buying some imported canes. Imagine my surprise when we found Doscher’s old-fashioned candy canes: hand-rolled, hand-twisted and hand-packaged. Five to a box for about $3. And they’ve been making them right here in downtown Cincinnati for about 100 years. Score!

Here’s the recipe:

Arielle’s Easy Peppermint Bark

24 ounces of white chocolate
15 candy canes, crushed (may need about 20 if using canes other than Doscher’s)

Have on hand:

13×9-inch baking sheet or jelly roll pan
Parchment paper
Hammer (or mallet)
Rubber spatula

Melt white chocolate in microwave.
Put candy canes in sealed quart or gallon-size plastic bag and smash with hammer. (A great stress reliever after holiday shopping!) Pour crushed candy cane into white chocolate. Stir.
Using spatula, spread on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (Will not fill pan completely.) Cool in fridge.
Break into pieces and store in airtight container or keep covered in fridge.


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