Where To Drink Now: The Movies (!)


Reserved seating at movie theaters has been a staple in countries around the world for years, but it’s only recently come to Cincinnati. These theaters have embraced the concept and added one feature that America does best: gluttony!

Envision Cinemas
The Blue Ash theater opened in March with a full-service restaurant and bar, complete with a TV at each booth, serving an expansive menu of American fare. And for $12.50 a ticket, you can lounge in living-room-worthy recliner seats and order one of the 40 beers on tap throughout the movie with just a push of a button. envisioncinemas.com

CinéBistro at Liberty Center
The 21-and-over-only CinéBistro (one of 10 locations around the country) feels like the CVG first-class lounge of our dreams. And as with going to the airport, it’s important to arrive early. Last call for food and drink orders happens right as previews begin, so order a pitcher of beer to go along with the house-ground burger. cinebistro.com/liberty

Eastgate Brew & View
The emphasis at Eastgate, from the owners of Esquire, Mariemont, and Kenwood theaters, is more on the brew rather than the view. It may not have stadium seating or electric recliners, but what it lacks in luxury it makes up for with its extra boozy “R-rated” milkshakes, like the Jodie Bananas Foster, and $6 craft beer flights. egbrewview.com

Pro tip: When ordering food at the show: Avoid crunchy items. No one wants to hear snapping and cracking when the baddie is about to get his comeuppance.

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