Brew Crew: Mike Dewey


There are two types of cool: those who try to be cool, and those who are unconcerned with cool’s ever-changing definition—which, by default, makes them very cool. Mike Dewey is the latter. Nine years ago, the former engineer turned his hobby into a business. To be fair, Dewey’s “hobby” involved a 300-gallon capacity setup before he had an A1 license—which is perhaps the only instance of someone simultaneously going big and going home. “It was my wife Kathleen’s idea to start the business. So the first five years when we were working 17-hour days I would remind her,” jokes Dewey. “Then again, when things go well she deserves the credit.”

Go well it did. Thirteen months after founding the Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, Dewey did what any of us would do if we were talented enough: He quit his day job. Three years later, the Deweys were pushed out of their home by equipment, employees, and batches of that Nut Brown Ale you’ve enjoyed.

Still, Dewey isn’t stopping. Mt. Carmel will begin unrolling their Snapshot Series of specialty craft beers this fall. The lineup will be inventive, delicious, and the physical manifestation of the inspirational posters and guidance counselors that advised you to turn your passion into your paycheck.

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