Dark Asana Yoga is as Metal as it Sounds


Yoga is good. But yoga in the dark with candles, light incense, and heavy music is even better. This is what you and your mat will be welcomed with at Dark Asana Yoga. Melissa Matz, who initiated the program, is a fan of metal music. “That’s what makes me calm,” she says, adding, “I’ve always wanted to do yoga, but never felt like I would fit in, really.” So she took matters into her own hands. She found an instructor, Lisa Snowden; Wave Pool art center in Camp Washington offered her space for free; and classes kicked off last February.

It’s a 90-minute Vinyasa class, suitable for beginners and those with more experience. The darkness and the music—we’re talking space doom; black, stoner, and atmospheric metal; drone, noise, and ambient—drown out distractions and make the whole thing deeply meditative.

“Not everyone can relate to it, but [metal] really has the ability to connect us to body awareness, to feel these vibrations of the music moving in our bodies,” says Snowden. “It’s a first step to mindfulness. Those vibrations are subtle, but they become distinct. It becomes a nice break from the daily chitchat of the mind.”

To partake, enter through Wave Pool’s side door, drop some dollars in the donation tin ($5 suggested), and go with the flow.

Schedule varies, check the Cincinnati Dark Asana Yo)))ga Facebook page for classes.

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