Three Restaurants Where You Can Watch the Kitchen Magic


Believe it or not, your food doesn’t just magically appear on your table. While most restaurants may not show you every step in the process, others relish the opportunity. Here are three spots that will let you belly up to the bar and get a front-row seat to the culinary action.

CWC, The Restaurant
Caitlin Steininger and her sister Kelly Trush turned a Wyoming doctor’s office into a new kind of neighborhood clubhouse. Survey the action from the kitchen counter, where you’re closer to your balsamic-roasted onion pizza.

Sacred Beast
In this reimagined OTR diner, short orders get slung in a sleek stainless kitchen with a matching counter. Chefs Jeremy and Bridget Lieb trade shifts dishing up neck bone gravy and hash browns to satisfy your late-night cravings.

At the far end of this downtown copper-topped bar, a few secret seats are set for dinner. You’re looking directly at the cold station, a hive of activity where your burnt carrot salad comes together, along with the flank steak tartare and the charcuterie. And you’ll probably spot new executive chef David Kelsey.

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