Takeout Takes a Twist at Losantivill3


The only sure sign of Cincinnati in this coast-derived vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free eatery is its eponymous reference to the city’s short-lived 18th century identity as Losantiville. But even that gets a modern twist, like so many of the light, flavor-packed dishes at Losantivill3.

Photograph by Wes Batoclette

A short walk from just about anywhere downtown—in the former Gilpin’s spot­­—it’s the perfect place for a quick, healthy, and everything-house-made lunch in its compact, airy dining room, filled with the aroma of fresh curries and vegetables. Order at the counter from twin meat and veg-friendly menus (chicken for the omnivores, seitan or baked cauliflower for the herbivores). The offerings are simple: curry quinoa bowls and kale quinoa salads. The Thai quinoa bowl with red curry peanut sauce and shredded chicken is a standout. Carrot, cucumber, cilantro, quinoa, and a spicy-sweet red curry are all piled high in an aluminum takeout bowl, ideal for shuttling any remnants back to the office. Looking for a lighter flavor? Opt for the coconut green curry instead. Wash it all down with a Thai coffee: strong java served with sweetened condensed milk over a mound of ice with a touch of cardamom. It’s the afternoon (or, honestly, anytime) pick-me-up we all need—especially after treating yourself to a nearly half-pound warm chocolate chip cookie to compensate for such a healthy-ish lunch.

Losantivill3, 37 E. Seventh St., downtown, (513) 431-6939. Lunch Mon–Fri.

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