Tableside with Sherman Fracher

Sherman Fracher has been gracing Cincinnati stages since 1998—she’s a regular at Cincy Shakes and Ensemble. But last fall, Fracher announced that she was focusing on her pickling business, Abiding Grace Farm Artisan Foods, which she operates from her farm in central Kentucky.

You must really love pickles. When I was a little girl, my after-school snack was always a pickle. My grandmother and my step-grandmother made these amazing pickles. To me, it looked like wealth in a jar.

What does it take to start a pickling business? The University of California, Davis has a great program called the Better Process Control School where you can learn commercially viable pickling and canning.

What’s in your pickles? For spicy pickles, I use cucumbers, garlic, salt, vinegar, water, fresh dill, and cayenne pepper. I make them in pints.

Where did the name “Abiding Grace Farm” come from? [My husband] Drew’s late wife chose the name Abiding Grace Farm—when good things do come, it’s grace. It’s about being given a gift, and I can tell you that farm has been such a gift to Drew and me.

Any plans to expand the business? I’m looking to quadruple my output this year, but I never want it to become mechanized. I want to make honest, artisanal, handmade pickles. I’m not in this business to make a killing, but to make people happy.

You can find Abiding Grace Farm Artisan Foods on Facebook.

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