Tableside with Marilyn Harris

Schooling home cooks—and schmoozing with them—for close to 30 years on 55KRC’s Cooking with Marilyn, Marilyn Harris decodes complicated recipes, and often saves Thanksgiving dinner. How does she do it? With loads of wisdom and good humor.

How did you end up on the air? I ran the cooking school at the former H&S Pogue department store in the ’80s. The radio station around the corner produced a cooking show twice a week and they needed a host. The station manager’s administrator said, “There’s my cooking teacher—I bet she could do it.”

Have you ever been stumped? Every now and then I’ll get some real esoteric ethnic food question, and I’ll say, “I just don’t know the answer to that.” Immediately, the phone lines light up like crazy and everyone says, “I know that, Marilyn! I’ve got your back!” I count on my listeners to put their two cents in.

Any advice for Thanksgiving? Try to make at least 75 percent of the meal the day before. The goal when you’re entertaining is to be a guest at your own party.

Are you ever surprised by how little people know about home cooking? Yes. One year on The Marilyn Harris Turkey Repair Show I got a call from a woman who had bought her turkey on Monday and left it in her trunk all week to thaw. “Don’t open it!” I yelled. “It has to go straight to the garbage can. In fact, I don’t think I’d throw it in my own garbage can—I’d find a neighbor I didn’t like and throw it in theirs.”

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