Anne Thoman

Just a Tip

Anne Thoman, better known as Boo, has served around town for more than 25 years. She found her calling with Jean-Robert de Cavel. We asked her what makes a good diner, whether she thinks about tips, and why Boca’s Brussels sprouts are so good.

Why do you enjoy working at Jean-Robert’s restaurants? His passion for food and perfection is contagious. While he was at Maisonette, I told him if he ever opened his own place, I wanted to work with him.

What’s your advice to diners? Just relax and let the server do what they do, that’s what they’re there for. Let them pamper you.

I always wonder if my servers think about their tip during the meal. Of course. But in this business, you roll the dice every time. Sometimes, even when you do it to the best of your ability, 10 or 15 percent may be the best you get.

What are your favorite times to work? I like evenings during the week. Those are the professional diners who aren’t in a rush. It’s not a bite before a play. The food is the star to them.

What’s your favorite restaurant other than Table? Boca. The scallops with caramelized Brussels sprouts. My God, that shaved Parmesan cheese.

Jean-Robert’s Table
713 Vine St.
(513) 621-4777

Originally published in the March 2012 issue.


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