Open: Tiger Dumpling

Nothing says happy belly like an order of pork-filled Chinese dumplings, especially if they come from meat mastermind Elias Liesring of Eli’s BBQ. You heard right, Liesring is trying his hand at dumplings at Clifton newcomer Tiger Dumpling, and he and his crew can barely keep up with the demand. Pork not your thing? Never fear, Tiger Dumpling’s kicky vegetarian version—cleverly packaged in a green dumpling wrapper—are tasty too. We picked up an order of each, along with two kinds of edamame (sweet chili with garlic and sea salt). Here’s how the Cincinnati Magazine staff weighed in:

“The vegetarian ones are way better than they look. I was worried they’d be all Shamrock Shake.”—Amanda Boyd Walters

“These would be excellent with beer. Do we have any beer?”—J.D.

“The pork tastes real, not like a pre-fab meatball.”—Christie Goetz

“Elias just needs to put some pulled pork in here too.”—Justin Williams

“Is anyone else eating the edamame? These sweet chili and garlic ones are good!”—Brittany Dexter

“Mmmmmmm. Good.”—Adam Flango

Tiger Dumpling, 249 Calhoun St., Corryville, (513) 475-0000


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