Trend Watch: Naked Cakes


“Naked cakes” are the pastry version of #wokeuplikethis. They are a non-fussy (and on-trend) alternative to inch-deep layers of fondant and buttercream frosting.

This cake style is best served with contrasting layers—like red velvet cake and cream cheese filling or with alternating tiers of chocolate and vanilla or lemon—and au naturel embellishments like fresh berries or flowers. #flawless.

Maribelle Cakery: (From top to bottom) Dark chocolate hazelnut; orange butter strawberry cream; lemon; white chocolate cake with Madagascar vanilla bean filling.
A Spoon Fulla Sugar: White cake with “crumb coat” (a barely-there layer of buttercream to hold in moisture).
Tres Belle Cakes: (From left) Dark chocolate with ganache filling, ringed with buttercream; strawberry with buttercream.
Tres Belle Cakes: Caramel cake with strawberry filling, ringed with buttercream frosting.

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