Open: Son of a Preacher Man


Editorial Note: This restaurant is closed.

It was a longtime comin’ but the O’Bryonville southern comfort food restaurant has finally opened. The kitschy Adirondack cabin meets 1970s basement–inspired interior mixes paint-by-number artwork with church paraphernalia (pews and hymn markers), a little taxidermy, and a whole lot of Mason jars. Southern staples are well represented on Anthony Berin’s menu (think fried chicken, mac and cheese, meatloaf, and biscuits) with a few unexpected iterations (pimento cheese fritters) served to a playlist that alternated Beck with Motown classics. There’s plenty of PBR and craft beer available—just don’t expect a wine list. Inexpensive house red or white is available—you guessed it—in a Mason jar.

Son of a Preacher Man, 3009 O’Bryon St., O’Bryonville, (513) 813-3052

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