Lola’s Is Even Better in Hyde Park


Walking into Lola’s new Hyde Park location feels more like walking into the house of your eclectic aunt who makes a great cup of coffee.


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Which is to say, it feels like a home away from home.

Frames of all shapes and sizes adorn the walls, the TV stand is packed with games like trivia, chess, and Jenga, and the music playing in the background ties everything together so naturally that it’s several minutes before you even notice it.

If you’re someone who loves to stare off into the distance while you’re “working,” Lola’s is the prime location for you, too. Sit atop one of the sewn pillow cushions at a booth or table and watch the world on the other side of the massive windows spin by.

But for as much as we love the atmosphere, we love the food even more.

No matter what type of coffee you’re into, they’ve got it. We’re talking Americano, drip, macchiato, cold brew, French press, and more. And iced or hot, every single one is expertly made.

But for as much as we love coffee, we love the pastries we eat with said coffee even more. And the croissants? Well, it’s more like enjoying a work of art at the Louvre than eating something sweet in Hyde Park.

Our favorite was lightly dusted with powdered sugar and injected with a healthy dose of hazelnut spread. Every croissant is just dense enough to let you know it’s homemade while still being flakey and layered.

No matter what you choose, we dare say the French would be impressed.

Lola’s 3425 Erie Ave, East Hyde Park, (513) 321-0464,

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