How To: Hire Out Your Thanksgiving

Everyone loves to sit down for the big meal, but no one wants to cook it. For a stress-free turkey day, go pro—and order early!


1. The Pie
Yes, Thanksgiving is about gratitude, but it’s also about pie. O Pie O specializes in sweet and savory combinations with historic relevance—think vinegar pie, apple-rosemary pie with salted caramel, pumpkin pie with browned butter, bourbon pecan, and quiches.

2. The Sides
Just enough time, patience and oven space for the turkey? Eat Well Celebrations and Feasts whips up stuffed acorn squash, roasted brussels sprouts, traditional sausage stuffing with raisins and herbs, and a classic Kentucky pecan pie.

3. The Bird
Big bird freaking you out? Whole Foods feels your pain.
Pre-order locally raised kosher, organic, heirloom, or free-range turkeys at both locations, oven-ready or fully cooked. Deadline for orders is three days before Thanksgiving.

4. For Delivery
Vonderhaars has been catering since 1970 and will deliver the all-American classics: cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable sides, and the turkey—sliced and ready to serve. Deliveries and pick-up until 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

5. Take It To Go
A Forkable Feast focuses on fresh regional ingredients, seasonally updated. Whole Amish turkeys (or pieces) from Heritage Farm, sage dressing, and cranberry relish are standard, but special order sides are available, too. Deadline is five days ahead.

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