De Cavels Host 15th Annual SIDS Brunch


This Sunday, Jean-Robert and Annette de Cavel will welcome hungry citizens of the tri-state to the Midwest Culinary Institute, where they will be holding their annual brunch to raise money for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) research.

Eat.Play.Give, the de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation’s annual friends and family brunch, drew a hungry crowd to Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015. Nearly 40 members of the food and beverage community pose for a group photo before guests enter the event.

Photograph courtesy de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation

The de Cavels created the event after the disease struck their family, claiming the life of their first daughter, Tatiana, in 2002. Tatiana was one of 2,000 infants to die from SIDS each year. After her death, the de Cavels decided they would try their best to make sure the disease would not affect other families as well. “Nobody should ever have to go through something like that,” Annette says. “Nobody should ever lose their children as a parent. That is not the right order.”

While they insist their charity brunch is a very small event, they have already raised more than $1 million for SIDS research since they began their efforts. The family hopes that this money eventually leads to finding a cure. If it does, it would mean everything to know that their efforts effected change. “To have a feeling that you were a small part in the contribution, to keep fighting and not giving up, to find a cure, it would be the best thing,” says Annette.

As for the food, Jean-Robert will be preparing some of his specialties. Additionally, nearly 30 restaurants from across the city have extended their helping hand and will be offering up their own food, cocktails, and premium wine. “It is a huge satisfaction, it’s an enormous satisfaction [that these restaurants want to help],” says Jean-Robert. “We don’t even know how to thank them. They donate their time, they donate the food, so that 100 percent of the proceeds can go to help.”

The SIDS Brunch will also feature live entertainment, activities to entertain kids, and a silent auction. Among the items being auctioned off are gift certificates to local restaurants, a few secrets donated from the Bengals, and even a couple resort getaways.

In the end, the de Cavels want to make sure that while everything is being done to contribute to a very serious cause, that this event remains light-hearted and has everyone leaving with a smile on their face. “It is an event where we want people to have fun. We want people to enjoy, people to celebrate life—celebrate their kids,” says Jean-Robert.

The event kicks off Oct. 20 at 11 a.m. at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State. For more information, check out

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