Tableside with Caitlin Steininger and Kelly Trush

Two sisters and the tradition of ending every day at the table.

The sisters have recently grown their blog-cum-digital brand, Cooking with Caitlin, into a 53-seat brick-and-mortar restaurant in Wyoming.

How did Cooking with Caitlin start? CS: In the beginning we were going to be caterers. But it was important to me to never do the same menu twice. I would write down the recipes, we would take pictures of the event, and then we just started populating the website.

Now you do radio shows, maintain the blog, and run a restaurant. KT: It goes back to how we grew up, in terms of every day ending at the table. Food is our vehicle. It’s our language, our love language. But at its core, what we do is all about relationships—coming together and breaking bread.

What kind of food will you serve at the restaurant? CS: We are sticking with comfort food. I’m sure all our family recipes will make an appearance. My favorite thing to make is fried chicken because I know how happy it makes my dad and my little boys.

You’re 10 years apart. Does that age difference makes it easier to work with your sister? KT: I’m more mature. CS: We complement each other. I’m more like my dad in some aspects and Kelly is more like our mom. Our parents have worked together now for 30 years plus.

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