Style Counsel: Nicole Gunderman


occupation:Gorman Heritage Farm educator; Pilates instructor; graduate student
her style:Free-range and free-spirited

Nicole Gunderman
Nicole Gunderman

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You work at Gorman Heritage Farm and teach Pilates. Both seem to require performance-specific clothes.
Clothes are a uniform for life—when I worked in business, I had a uniform for that.

You’ve come to this interview from the farm, but your Carhartt overalls look stylish enough for everyday wear.
I don’t typically wear overalls for fashion at this age—I did in college. But the Carhartt overalls get a lot of attention. I was wearing old jeans to work on the farm, but they were getting threadbare. I wanted a pair of good quality overalls to really last and serve me well.

It sounds like sustainability is becoming more important to you.
I’m getting a Master of Arts in biology. It’s a collaboration between Miami University and the Cincinnati Zoo. Instead of being a scientist, it’s about teaching and interpreting the science. I knew about the social impact of cheap labor, but hadn’t thought about the ecological impact. When people say “fast fashion” they’re talking about buying clothes, wearing them once or twice, and then throwing them away.

Has this knowledge changed your approach to dressing?
It has, but I haven’t figured it all out yet. I’m not some expert on sustainable fashion. But I have that intention.

Style-wise, is there crossover between your farm, Pilates, and grad school lives?
The longer I have these different roles, the more comfortable I feel in each and the more they’re starting to cross. I don’t think I would have ever, ever, ever worn a pair of hiking shorts and a T-shirt with a pig on it before, but now, I can get up on a Saturday, put that on, and be fine.


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