Clifton’s Short Vine Has a Late-Night Bakery


I’m a big, big fan of desserts and bakeries, but getting to Holtman’s for early-morning donuts or going to brunch for stuffed pancakes can too closely resemble work.

So when The Sweet Place–a dessert shop with unique hours–opened on Short Vine in Clifton, you can imagine my excitement.

Their sweets variety is non-traditional, too. Yes, they have cookies and cupcakes, but they also offer churros, funnel cakes, rolled ice cream, and more.

Read: no matter what craving hits at 11 p.m., you’re covered.

The churros left grease-spots on their bag, a testimony to their freshness, and were fried super-crispy, well-doused in cinnamon and sugar. While they were delicious, they lacked the chocolate dipping sauce, so were more akin to that carnival classic, the elephant ear.

Photograph: Michelle Flanagan

Rather than follow in the footsteps of the bakeries that came before, The Sweet Place caters to the campus crowd (and those of us with late-night cravings), not opening until 4 p.m. and staying open late-night. We’re talking 1:30 a.m. on weekends.

The chocolate chip cookie, their best-seller, was tasty but nothing new. While it was roughly the size of my face, it tasted like a bigger version of the Tollhouse recipe. But, credit where credit is due: the texture was amazing, with a crispy outside and a chewy middle.

The Sweet Place, 2910 Short Vine St., (513) 221-1370, 4-1:30 Thursday-Saturday, 4-12 Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Closed Mondays.

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