Choose Your Own Pizza Adventure: The Chains

Which big-box pizza is right for you? We look at five options.


1. Pieology
If you want five crust choices, seven sauce options, six cheeses, and 23 toppings, and you want it all in a personal-sized pie for which you won’t have to pay extra, you want Pieology. 128 W. McMillan St. (513) 221-1300; 7578 Beechmont Ave., Anderson Township (513) 231-1919,

2. Midici
If you want a comfy-but-glam setting (gleaming wood-fired oven, bistro lighting, indoor olive tree), and you want lots of info about what you’re eating (Neapolitan pizza) and why (it’s good), you want Midici. 595 Race St., (513) 273-4333,

3. Mellow Mushroom
If you want a wheat-flour crust with vegetarian and vegan options, and you want a free-wheeling, inspired-by-hippies atmosphere with a ton of craft beer, you want Mellow Mushroom.

4. LaRosa’s
If you want a tomato sauce sugar bomb or a seasonal pie that puts Montgomery Inn barbecue on crust, and you want to be reminded of your childhood, you want LaRosa’s. Multiple locations,

5. Dewey’s
If you want mom-friendly seasonal salads to go with your pizza and dad-friendly craft beer, and you want it in a kid-friendly casual sit-down joint, you want Dewey’s. Multiple locations,

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