Try This: Charcuterie (With Smoked Grapes!) at Metropole

Sadly, sometimes the belle of the ball is mistaken for a best supporting actress. Case in point: Metropole’s charcuterie board. Not that we would dream of leaving behind even a scrap of their house-made bresaola or mortadella, let alone any of the Kenny’s Farmhouse “Nena” cheese. But it’s those darn smoked grapes that we so eagerly covet.

Metropole's Charcuterie Board
Metropole’s Charcuterie Board

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Chef Jared Bennett and team have been honing their grape-smoking game since the doors opened in late 2012 and have arrived at the red seedless sweet spot of two hours of cold smoking (on the stem) with hickory chips. “We tried different methods—roasting then smoking, smoking then roasting, hot smoking—but landed on the cold smoking method because the grapes looked and tasted the best.” We’d definitely buy them by the bunch.

Metropole, 609 Walnut St., downtown, (513) 578-6660,

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