Live at the Lodge Podcast: Chili and Movies


We podcasters at Cincinnati Magazine enjoy our insular podcast studio on the 42nd floor of the Carew Tower. It’s homey, filled with boxes, and most importantly, no one hears us when we screw up. But in an effort to expand our horizons, we recorded our first live podcast at the Overlook Lodge on February 29 (so please excuse all of our witty Oscars references). Now why did it take us so long to post it? Well you’ll just have to listen to find out. (Actually, you don’t really have to. It really came down to deadlines, technical difficulties on our end, the fact that creating perfection takes a bit of time, etc.) We do manage to discuss the evergreen topics of the cultural importance of chili parlors and even meet a new friend with a fascinating job.

Believe it or not, this will not be our only live podcast: We will be at the Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge again on Monday, March 28 at about 7:30 pm, talking about the demise of the Reds and all sorts of other topics. Please come and we swear there will be an opportunity to win free beer at the very least. Oh, and please subscribe to and rate our podcast on iTunes.

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