St. Cecilia Parish Festival


Church festivals and tweens go together like hot dogs and mustard. Where else can a too-young-to-date, too-old-for-a-sitter kid spend a weekend hanging with friends and playing games and still have enough lawn-mowing money left to eat himself into a pizza/coney/cheese fries coma?

St. Cecilia is where Oakley kids shake off the midsummer doldrums—lots of games (all the standards, including Fish Pond and Weasel Ball); rides (stomach-flippers like Black Hole and Jokers Wild); a Crazy Hat booth where, if you’re lucky with the pull-tabs, a purple sequined Stetson or flowered tiara could be yours; and Mr. Cowpie’s Petting Zoo, featuring—I swear—the biggest rabbit this side of Harvey.

For grown-up gamblers there’s Left Right Center; blackjack; poker; bingo; and the Big Six tent, with a half-dozen young croupiers reeling in the dough.

To wash down the evening’s $6 chicken dinner (Remke’s caters), previous years’ “craft beer” concessions sold Shock Top, Stella Artois, and Goose Island IPA—not exactly local brews. But the tent marked “Retro Beer” has had Burger. Thank God somebody here cares about tradition. 3105 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 871-5757,

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