Myra’s Dionysus

Thirty-Three Soups!

Editor’s Note: This restaurant is closed.

If you call Myra Griffin’s little eatery a health food restaurant, you wouldn’t be doing it an injustice. The idea of healthy eating has evolved into something very different—and more manufactured—since the ’70s when Myra’s Dionysus opened. But this place remains wonderfully stuck in a holistically wholesome era. You know how you can go to a place and have some magic meal, then go back and you’re served up a plate of disappointment? (Not because the restaurant has changed, but because you have?) That doesn’t happen at Myra’s. It still has a hippie magic that time hasn’t been able to peck away at. Myra’s recipes seem eternal with their Mediterranean and vegetarian slant. Tofu? They do that amazingly well. But why not try the Zapata Pita, a Greek-Mex combo? Or the Hoppin’ Juan—black-eyed peas that ventured a little too far south? The vegetarian dishes are bold and hearty, as are the few meat dishes on the menu, especially the gyros and the curried chicken salad. And 33 soups that rotate? You’ve got to be around a while to pull off a stunt like that. What about dessert? Here you’ll find many different treats in the deli case, and at prices stuck in the ’70s. For sure, Myra’s is a throwback to a time when service ambled at a different pace, when everybody had a Baba Ram Dass book on the coffee table and when Clifton was a very different place. Turn on. Tune in. Eat lunch.

121 Calhoun St., Clifton, (513) 961-1578

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